Presentation – New Forum

Jun 9, 2020

Our premier TVAUG Tuesdays presentation was a huge success! Bruce and crew adeptly explained our new Forum’s features and benefits via Zoom.  A PDF copy of his Keynote presentation is in our Forum now – the recorded video is listed in our Presentations.


Remember…our Forum is restricted to Active Members only so you do have to keep your yearly membership subscription up-to-date to participate in the Forum and see this document.

The Forum is a great resource for members to seek help from other TVAUG members.  You can post a question, review previous Q&A postings, and filter for selected postings.

We have over 250 of our members participating already.  In light of the current environment not permitting our regular in-person meetings,  this is another great way to get your Apple-related questions answered quickly.

Instructions for joining our Forum are here.

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