TVAUG Tuesdays – Presentation

Jul 30, 2020

Our next online meeting via Zoom will be on August 4 at 1:30pm as a Presentation.  Our secretary, Mike Carr, sends out the details with a link to login on the Friday before the upcoming meeting. So read the MailChimp email for details.  If you can’t find that email and still want to participate, that info is also in our Forum on its calendar.

NOTE: Our Zoom Presentation meetings are recorded for later viewing!

Remember…our Forum is restricted to Active Members only so you do have to have your yearly membership subscription up-to-date to access this info.

The Forum is a great resource for members to seek help from other TVAUG members.  You can post a question, review previous Q&A postings, and filter for selected postings.

We have over 250 of our members participating already.  In light of the current environment not permitting our regular in-person meetings,  this is another great way to get your Apple-related questions answered quickly.

Instructions for joining our Forum are here.

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