Are we sending you too many emails?

Oct 9, 2020

TVAUG usually sends out 2 automated emails each week.  One is on Friday evenings notifying members about the upcoming TVAUG TUESDAYS meetings via Zoom. The other is our Weekly News bulletin that summarizes recent posts in our News section here.  If you are not getting them, please send us an email at

Hopefully those 8-10 emails per month are not too many!

However, if you are also a member of our Help Forum here, you may be getting more emails from it than you anticipated or desire.  By default, every time someone posts a question or answer to the Forum, it gets emailed to all forum members.  Most members leave that default setting in place because they like to hear about others’ problems — just kidding!  Actually most do like to keep informed about what issues are out there and their possible solutions.

But you do have options if you want to cut down on those emails.  You can just get a Daily Digest or turn them off altogether.  Please refer to the FAQs here to adjust the Forum emails frequency.

NOTE!!….if you completely Unsubscribe, you lose your ability to post questions and complete access to the Forum.  If you want to re-join, you will have to go through the sign-up process again.

The Forum is one of the best benefits of your TVAUG membership.  Now that we are most likely not going to be able to meet in-person at Saddlebrook until next year, your Forum is a great resource for staying in touch and getting answers to your questions quickly.

We typically have 4 meetings per month.  Your Forum is available all day – every day.

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