Meeting Changes for 2022

Dec 9, 2021

The TVAUG Board met at the end of November. Among the items discussed, those in attendance unanimously agreed that some meeting changes are required for 2022.

We all agreed to continue our meetings via Zoom rather than in-person at Saddlebrook. Among the reasons for this decision is the limited resources we have.

Putting our meetings together involves quite a bit of work behind the scenes. This entails getting presenters and also the hours it takes for them to put together their presentations. When we meet in-person at Saddlebrook the following volunteers are also needed:

  • someone to check in members and handle 50-50 tickets
  • an audio-video team to set up the PA system and projector
  • a recording team to record the presentation
  • 1 or 2 people to manage the microphones for questions
  • our membership team to take renewals and new memberships

That is typically over a dozen helpers who work to put it all together!

Our online Zoom meetings do not require some of those resources BUT putting together the content for our presentations still takes a significant amount of time – literally hours to prepare.

As you can see, four meetings per month – whether in-person or via Zoom – entails a LOT of work! If you’re a regular attendee of our TVAUG Tuesdays Zoom meetings, you have probably noticed that it is usually the core crew of Tom, Bruce, Carol, Cyndi and Tony running things. They are obviously swamped.

With that in mind, the Board also unanimously agreed that we will only have one Presentation and one Help session per month starting in January.

These TVAUG Tuesdays will be at 1:30 on the first and third Tuesdays each month.

Thank you for your membership!
Your TVAUG Membership Team

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