In-Person Help Session – 4/27

Apr 22, 2022

Don’t forget… we are restarting our in-person Help sessions on the 4th Wednesday evening from 6:30 – 8:00 PM this month.  This is only going to be on a trial basis for a couple of months to see if there is enough interest from our members AND enough helpers to handle the crowd.  In addition, because some of our snowbird helpers are heading north over the summer, we will not have these meetings in June, July or August.

You will be able to renew your membership at this meeting. We are also going to try to have a table setup that will be dedicated to Zoom training as that will be the main format for our meetings going forward.  If you plan on getting Zoom training, please bring headphones or earbuds for your device.  Otherwise the close proximity of everyone in the same room will cause feedback.

Again – these in-person Help sessions are just on a trial basis for a couple of months. If we find that there is not enough of a turnout or if we do not have enough volunteers showing up to help others, the meetings will be canceled. HELPERS ARE NEEDED! Our club is made of up volunteers and our in-person Help sessions have always been for members to help other members with their Apple devices. If we do not get enough volunteers, we will have to discontinue them.

We try to limit individual help sessions to 10-15 minutes max so that volunteers can help as many members as possible. Please be considerate of other members’ problems and do not come with an hour’s worth of issues. We have a forum that is available 24×7 and Tom Winters is now offering his 1×1 support in your home.

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