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iPad split screen view

iPadOS 15 Finally Makes Multitasking Discoverable

Confession time. I’ve never been able to remember the cryptic gestures necessary to invoke Split View and Slide Over on the iPad. In part, that’s because I find using the iPad slower and clumsier than using the Mac, so whenever I might need Split View, in particular, I just switch to a Mac

How to Use Multitasking on the iPad

Apple has long tried to convince people that the iPad can replace a computer; that it can be a mobile device that does everything that most people need to do on a laptop. To this end, Apple has tried to make iPadOS more flexible through a series of multi-tasking features, such as Split View, and Slide Over, and Center Window.

create iCloud mail ules

How to use iCloud mail to create rules that automatically sort, delete …

If you get a lot of email, anything that helps you stay on top of it, is a good thing. So even though it's hardly very powerful, you have to give a shout out to the Filter option on Apple Mail for iOS. If you open Apple Mail on iPhone, and are in any mailbox, there is...
iOS 15 new features

iOS 15 Officially Released with These 7 Exciting New Features

There’s a lot here for everyone to enjoy, whether you’re still toting an iPhone SE or planning on getting your hands on the iPhone 13 Pro Max.