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This New iOS 14.5 Security Feature Will Stop Hackers in Their Tracks

Even though Apple works very hard to make sure that the iPhone and iPad are some of the most secure consumer devices on the planet, it’s a constant cat-and-mouse game as hackers always find new loopholes and exploits to get into the iOS operating system in unanticipated ways.

Apple Cash Guide

When iOS 11 landed in 2017, it came without of its most anticipated features: Apple Cash. Similar to Venmo or Square Cash, Apple Cash lets you instantly send money to another iOS user. You don’t even need a new app, as it’s built right into iMessage. Apple Cash was...
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How to Check for Compromised or Leaked Passwords on iPhone-iPad

Have you ever wondered if the passwords to any of your online accounts have been compromised in a data breach? You’re certainly not the only one in that regard, but now you can now check for breached password security easily right from your iPhone and iPad. In the...
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Update to iOS 14.4 to Protect Yourself Against Security Vulnerabilities

The new iOS 14.4 and iPadOS 14.4 updates from Apple include patches for a trio of potentially serious security vulnerabilities related to the kernel and the Safari browser.

Video Chat and Stay in Touch

Video Chat and Stay in Touch

Your Mac, iPhone or iPad can be used as a way to video chat with others while you are stuck at home away from friends,...