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iOS14 and Watch Updates

On Wednesday, September 16 Apple made iOS 14 for the iPhone, iPad OS14, Watch OS7, and Apple TV OS available to the public. So whether to upgrade is weighing the risks and rewards. There could be some bugs that need updating.  Based on personal experience, in my case...

Are you new to Zoom?

Are you completely new to Zoom? Perhaps you’ve never used it before or are still somewhat uncomfortable with your way around it. 

NEW Feature — FAQs is here!

We just added a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page to our website main menu. This page is a work in progress and we will be adding more documents on an as-needed basis.

Backup iPhone iPad to Windows

iPhone and iPad users who have a Windows PC may be happy to know they can backup their iPhone or iPad to Windows PC by using iTunes. Since not all iPhone users have Macs or iCloud, this offers another backup solution for the PC-based user base. And if you’re not...
We Got Raided!!

We Got Raided!!

Well...not exactly. Cyndi Feeney and the TVAUG Gals were talking about the Apple Watch Emergency feature during their...

30 easy to follow iPhone tips

30 easy to follow iPhone tips

Not everyone knows how to do everything on an iPhone, and sometimes it isn't immediately obvious how some seemingly...