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Mac Basics: How To Preview Files

If you want to see the contents of a file before opening it in an app or importing it into a document, you can use many different methods in macOS. You can use Finder icons, Gallery View, the Finder window preview area, or Quick Look

free disk space on Mac

Ensure Sufficient Free Space before Upgrading to Big Sur

As we continue to use macOS 11.2 Big Sur, we’re getting closer to saying that it’s safe for most people to upgrade to Big Sur from a previous version of macOS. That’s not to say that some people won’t have problems—no app or operating system is free of bugs—but most...

Apple in 1984

37 years ago in 1984, Steve Jobs introduced the first Apple Macintosh. If you’ve never seen that video…

messages screen share

Use Messages to share your screen in macOS

[This works in Catalina and Big Sur] If you need to quickly offer help to another Mac user you know, there's no quicker way to remotely provide assistance than via Apple's own Messages. Here's how to take control of another person's Mac on their behalf, and how to...
Are you new to Zoom?

Are you new to Zoom?

Are you completely new to Zoom? Perhaps you've never used it before or are still somewhat uncomfortable with your way...