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The Original iPod

Apple Discontinues the iPod, Ending an Iconic Era in Personal Computing

The iPod—a product that almost single-handedly changed the trajectory of hanging-on-for-dear-life Apple Computer to the now $2.5 trillion Apple Inc. —is dead.

2022 TVAUG Scholarship Award Winners

he TVAUG Board had its annual luncheon on April 22, 2022  and invited the 5 college scholarship applicants from Wildwood Middle High School along with their guidance counselors to join us.  The Executive Board and its scholarship awards team led by Judy Reed were so impressed by the students that a decision was made to also award the 3 runners-up $1,000 scholarships.

How to see your download and upload speeds on Mac

At times, you might want to know your internet download and upload speeds on your Mac. This is especially true when you’re trying to stream a video, make a video call, download files, or play online games, and the experience is subpar. This tutorial shows you how to check your download and upload speeds,

trade in value

Apple drops trade-in value for Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch

If you’re waiting to trade in your old Mac, iPad, or Apple Watch for a new model, bad news. Apple has lowered the estimated prices for all of these products, which means you’ll get less when trading in them for a new product by the company.