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New Round of “iCloud Support” Scam Emails Are Making the Rounds

Phishing scams targeting Apple users appear to be on the rise again, with many folks receiving emails purporting to come from “iCloud Support” that are veiled attempts to trick users into giving up their passwords, credit card numbers, or other personal information.

XProtect and built in Mac Protection

Our Macs come with built-in security for malware called X Protect. It isn’t an application but is found in MacOS.Find out how one knows it is doing what it should and if it is current as malware software needs constant updating.

There’s a whole load of other macOS and iOS security flaws to worry about

iOS and macOS users are urged to apply patches ASAP.

Best Mac antivirus software 2023: Security software compared

We’ve tested 16 of the best Mac antivirus software to protect your MacBook or other Apple computer from viruses and malware.

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