Is your Membership Profile up to date?

The email address you used when first becoming a member of TVAUG is the one in our membership database and is used for renewing your membership…

ALL TVAUG Members now in our Forum!

All TVAUG members have been added to our forum!

Forum for ALL Members is Happening!

The process of adding all TVAUG members to our forum begins this weekend!

Forum for ALL Members – UPDATED!!

Because we still don’t know when things will be getting back to normal at Saddlebrook, the board has agreed that ALL ACTIVE members of TVAUG should be added to the forum. 

New Website Demo

New Website Demo

The intro from today's zoom presentation on the new look-and-feel of this website is now on our Presentations page...

New look for our website

New look for our website

In case you missed it...our website has a new look! It's pretty much looked the same for the last 3-4 years so it was...