Your Donations at Work – Water Oaks Veterans Club

Susan Riedel and Bill Ashworth from the Water Oaks Veterans club contacted us about getting a laptop so they could transfer all their club’s paper records, contacts and forms to a computer.
Our Donations Team swung into action and delivered!

Thank You to TVAUG for your donations

Below is a Thank You email recently received by Bill and Sue Holstun of our Donations team. 

Your Donations at Work – VA Outpatient Clinic

Our Donations Team is out there again! 
Below is a Thank You that Bill and Sue from our Donations Team received earlier this month from Dennis Storey of The Villages VA Outpatient Clinic.

TVAUG Tuesdays – HELP Session (Feb)

TVAUG Tuesdays – Help Session. An email with details and a link to login is sent out on the Friday before the upcoming meeting to active members who are on our MailChimp mailing list.  If you can’t find that email and still want to participate, the login info is also in our Forum on its calendar.

New Website Demo

New Website Demo

The intro from today's zoom presentation on the new look-and-feel of this website is now on our Presentations page...

New look for our website

New look for our website

In case you missed it...our website has a new look! It's pretty much looked the same for the last 3-4 years so it was...