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Cyndi Feeney’s ever-popular Love2LearnApple series of presentations (with assistance from Tom Bonanno) are listed below in chronological order.

NOTE: The TOPICS column just lists a few subjects that were covered in each presentation.  Refer to the PDF for more info.
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21/11/16Inside Quick Notes Inside Quick Notes for iPad 15.1 and Monterey
21/04/06Organize Files Folders on iPad Main Meeting Presentation with Tom Bonanno
20/08/04Health App and Battery Life Health App and Improved Battery Performance
20/01/13Love2Learn - #13 TVAUG iCLUB
19/12/9Love2Learn - #12 TVAUG iCLUB
19/11/11Love2Learn - #11 TVAUG Apple iClub
19/10/14Love2Learn - #10 Email and Watch Features
19/09/09Love2Learn - #09 IOS Devices: Jump to top of an app; Remove apps from the App Bar in Messages
iCloud: On an iPad or another’s computer; Save battery life; How to Set Default Location In the iPhone Weather App
Apple Watch: Map & Directions
19/08/12Love2Learn - #08 IOS Devices: Two Factor Authentication; IOS13 Compatibility; IOS13 - A few of the 50 New Changes
Apple Watch: Answer Incoming Calls on iPhone Automatically in Accessibility Settings; Enable Cover to Mute; OS6 Compatibility
19/07/08Love2Learn - #07 IOS Devices: Privacy / Location Services; Alias Email Address; Apple Music; Emoji Me Faces
Apple Watch: Apple Music:Set up; Echo/Alexa; Theater Mode; Messages

19/06/10Love2Learn - #06 IOS Devices: Tips with the Flag; Reminders across all devices; Edit text; React to a message
Apple Watch: Left Handed; Taptic Engine & Prominent Haptic; Accessibility; Use Running Auto Pause
19/05/13Love2Learn - #05 IOS Devices: Assistive Touch; How to find your parked car with map
Apple Watch: Siri Watch Face; Infograph Watch Face; Swimming with your Series 4
19/04/08Love2Learn - #04 IOS Devices: Ringer Broken?; Sharing Calendars; Safari Full Screen; Videos; Scan to your Mac; The Dock
Apple Watch: Scrolling through events; Calendar views; Best sleep tracker apps; Add & play music
Apple Pay: Get credit on returns; View Your Transactions
19/03/11Love2Learn - #03 iPhone: Emergency, SOS, Messaging and calling
iPad: Emojis in Favorites
Apple Watch: Views, Digital Crown, location sharing, iHeart Radio, Night Sky, Apple Pay
19/02/11Love2Learn - #02 IOS Devices: Control center; Accessibility; AirPods
Apple Watch: Customize watch face; Ask Siri for help; Lost and Found; Talk with Walkie Talkie; Podcasts; SOS; Calculator
Apps: Post It; Notes; Apple TV remote; YouTube; Games
19/01/14Love2Learn - #01 iPhone: Save Battery; Who is calling; Notes; Emoji Faster; Safari Search; Music
iPad: Photos; Apps; Flashlight; ECG/EKG
Apple Watch: Battery; Health


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