TVAUG tries to record as many meeting presentations as possible. The video recordings are stored in an online service, Vimeo, that is similar to YouTube but gives us a bit more privacy.

Below are some of our club’s presentations from previous years.  They can be filtered by clicking on CATEGORY dropdown box.

SECURITY20/12/08Tom Bonanno, Bruce MitchellUnderstanding Malware on Macs
PRODUCTS20/12/01Tony CrawfordApple Buying Guide Pt2
PRODUCTS20/11/03Tony Crawford
Apple Buying Guide Pt1
SECURITY20/10/13Tom Bonanno, Bruce MitchellApple Security & Privacy
PRODUCTS20/10/06Tony CrawfordiOS14 New Apple Products Services
APPS20/09/08Bruce Mitchell, Tom BonannoPreview App
WATCH20/09/01Tony CrawfordApple Watch Demo

APPS20/08/04Cyndi FeeneyHealth App and Battery Life
WATCH20/07/15Dr. Sujata Balulad, M.D.A Discussion with a Cardiologist about the Apple Watch and aFib
APPS20/07/14Tom BonannoApple Podcasts
ICLOUD20/07/07Tony CrawfordAll About iCloud
IPHONE/IPAD20/06/16Carole Martin and othersControl Center and Widgets N/A
TVAUG20/06/09Bruce Mitchell, Tom BonannoNew TVAUG Forum N/A
Q&A20/05/27Carol Fortlage and participating TVAUG membersMay 27 Q &A N/A
SECURITY20/03/09Carol Fortlage, Bruce MitchellBackups

APPS20/02/18Tony CrawfordBooks App on iPad
SECURITY20/02/10Norm KaufmanSharing Emergency Info w Your Survivors
APPS20/01/22Nancy HelleksonSafari Preferences
APPS20/01/21Tony CrawfordNotes: Part 13 (#125)
IPHONE/IPAD20/01/13Cyndi Feeney, Tom BonannoLove2Learn - #13
IPHONE/IPAD19/12/17Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 12 (#100)
IPHONE/IPAD19/12/17Tony CrawfordiPhone Camera PDF
IPHONE/IPAD19/12/09Cyndi FeeneyLove2Learn - #12
IPHONE/IPAD19/11/19Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 11 (#97-99)
IPHONE/IPAD19/11/11Cyndi Feeney, Tom BonannoLove2Learn - #11
MACS19/10/23Nancy HelleksonAlbums and 10 Catalina Features
PRODUCTS19/10/15Tom BonannoLatest Apple Products and Services
WATCH19/10/14Cyndi Feeney, Tom BonannoLove2Learn - #10 Email and Watch Features
Q&A19/09/25TVAUG Forum Q and APanel Q and A
MACS19/09/17Nancy HelleksonCatalina and HEIC
IPHONE/IPAD/WATCH19/09/09Cyndi Feeney, Tom BonannoLove2Learn - #09
APPS19/08/20Ginny Downs and Associates
Lake Sumter Library
There's an App for That
IPHONE/IPAD/WATCH19/08/12Cyndi Feeney, Tom BonannoLove2Learn - #08
IPHONE/IPAD/WATCH19/07/08Cyndi Feeney, Tom BonannoLove2Learn - #07

PHOTOS19/06/18Nancy HelleksonPhotos 102 -No video as we had technical issues during the recording.
IPHONE/IPAD/WATCH19/06/10Cyndi Feeney, Tom BonannoLove2Learn - #06
SECURITY19/06/10Tom WintersScams N/A
IPHONE/IPAD19/05/22Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 10 (#92-96)
PHOTOS19/05/21Nancy HelleksonMac Basics Photos 101
IPHONE/IPAD/WATCH19/05/13Cyndi Feeney, Tom BonannoLove2Learn - #05
VIDEO19/05/13Tony CrawfordCutting the Cord Part 3 N/A
VIDEO19/05/11Tony CrawfordCutting the Cord Part 2 N/A
APPS19/04/24Carol FortlageNumbers Basics N/A
Q&A19/04/16Tom Winters, Carol Fortlage, Tom Bonanno, Cyndi Feeney, Bruce MitchellOpen Q and A Forum
VIDEO19/04/09Tony CrawfordCutting the Cord Part 1 N/A
IPHONE/IPAD/WATCH19/04/08Cyndi Feeney and othersLove2Learn - #04
APPS19/03/19Nancy HelleksonMac Basics Part 6: Intro to Pages
IPHONE/IPAD/WATCH19/03/11Cyndi Feeney and othersLove2Learn - #03
ICLOUD19/02/27Tom WintersWhat Is iCloud?
IPHONE/IPAD19/02/19Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 09 (#91-92)
IPHONE/IPAD/WATCH19/02/11Cyndi Feeney and othersLove2Learn - #02
IPHONE/IPAD19/01/23Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 08 (#87-90)
APPS19/01/15Nancy HelleksonMac Basics Part 5: Web Browsers
IPHONE/IPAD/WATCH19/01/14Cyndi Feeney and othersLove2Learn - #01
IPHONE/IPAD18/12/18Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 07 (#57-86)
PRODUCTS18/12/10Ian Burns, Tom Bonanno, Bruce MitchellNew iPhone Comparisons
PRODUCTS18/11/28Tony CrawfordBuyers Guide for Apple Devices
MISC18/11/20Dean BusheyAutonomous Vans in The Villages
MAIL18/10/16Nancy HelleksonMac Basics Part 4: Apple Mail
APPS18/10/08Cyndi Feeney, JJ McNut, Joan Todd, Gay BirchardA Little Bit of This A Little Bit of That N/A
SECURITY18/09/26Michelle Decandia, Ginny Patrick DownsOnline Safety
MACS18/09/18Nancy HelleksonMac Basics Part 3: System Preferences
VIDEO18/09/10Ted WrightCutting the Cord My Journey
IPAD18/08/13Cyndi Feeney, Joan Todd, JJ McNuttFeatures of the iPad Dock
MACS18/07/17Nancy HelleksonMac Basics Part 2: The Finder
SECURITY18/07/09Norm KaufmanKeeping Online Data Safe and Secure
MACS18/06/19Nancy HelleksonMac Basics Part 1: The Desktop
APPS18/06/11Cyndi Feeney, Cynthia Fellows-WhiteCalendars & Games
IPHONE/IPAD18/05/23Tony Crawford, Tom BonannoApple Accessibility Features
IPHONE/IPAD18/05/15Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 06 (#50-56)
APPS18/05/14Ian BurnsApple Pay
IPHONE/IPAD18/04/17Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 05 (#35-49)
Carol FortlagePrinting, Apple ID, iCloud
PHOTOS18/03/28Bruce MitchellPhotos - Part 2
IPHONE/IPAD18/03/20Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 04 (#28-34)
IPHONE/IPAD18/03/20Tony CrawfordTony's Reference Sheet for iOS 11.3 (supplements workshop) updated 4.8.18
APPS18/03/12Carol FortlageMembers' Favorite Apps
APPS18/03/12Carol FortlageListing of Members' Favorite Apps
APPS18/02/28Ruth WilliamsMission Control Launchpad
APPS18/02/28Shirley LandSafari Bookmarks
IPHONE/IPAD18/02/20Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 03 (#19-27)
APPS18/02/12Carol FortlageMaps Navigation App Store
PHOTOS18/01/24Bruce MitchellPhotos - Part 1 - What's New

IPHONE/IPAD18/01/16Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 02 (#13-18)
IPHONE/IPAD17/12/19Tony CrawfordiPhone/iPad Workshop: Part 01 (#1-12)
WATCH17/12/11Tom Bonanno, Cyndi FeeneyApple Watch
Q&A17/11/218 TVAUG MembersQ & A Forum N/A
APPS17/11/13Tony CrawfordHome Automation
TVAUG17/10/25Chuck Palmer, Bruce MitchellRevamped TVAUG Website N/A
APPS17/10/25Carol FortlageHelp
APPS17/10/17Ian BurnsFaceTime:Video and Audio
APPS17/09/19Nancy HelleksonContacts N/A
IPHONE/IPAD17/09/19Cyndi FeeneyLove2Learn
MAIL17/08/15Carole MartinApple Mail N/A
APPS17/06/20Cyndi FeeneyText Edit, iPad Hints, Accessibility
IPHONE/IPAD17/06/20Tom BonannoAccessibility
SECURITY17/05/08Sumter County Sheriffs OfficeComputer Fraud N/A
MISC17/04/26Jose SuarezUbreakifix
IPHONE/IPAD17/04/18Dr. Laura Pratesi
Made for iPhone Hearing Aids
IPHONE/IPAD17/04/18Dr. Laura PratesiApple Device Connectivity Tips (Supplement)
MAIL17/04/10Carol FortlageEmail for Apple Users
VIDEO17/03/22Tony CrawfordApple TV


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