TIPS – macOS

7 Things You Can Do in Apple Maps on Mac

We usually only use web mapping platforms like Apple Maps and Google Maps on our computers when we want to navigate. While Google Maps is known to be far ahead of the competition already, Apple Maps also has some unique features to offer.

How to Password Protect Pages, Keynote & Numbers Docs on Mac

Do you want to make sure your important documents created in Pages, Keynote, or Numbers are safe and secure? If so, you may want to encrypt them with a secure password,…

How to check your Mac SSD Health

Most new Macs are equipped with fast, quiet, and efficient solid state drives (SSDs) for storage. Unlike hard disk drives (HDDs) that use spinning platters to store data, SSDs have no moving parts. That makes them less likely to fail, although all SSDs eventually reach a point where it’s impossible to write to the drive. Today we’re looking at three ways to check the health of the SSD in your Mac

5 ways to easily transfer files between an iPhone and Mac

Apple’s ecosystem of products generally works quite well when you’re in it. Using iMessage on your iPhone and picking up where you left off on your Mac is quite cool and can be rather useful. However, you might have wondered how this experience translates to sharing files between an iPhone and a Mac. Here are five ways to do just that.