1:30 – 2:30pm
August 4th



Topic: Check Latest News for Topic as event nears.
Zoom login details are sent via email and also posted in our Forum.

Our General meeting in which we record the presentation related to Apple devices.


1:30 – 2:30pm
August 11th


Topic: Check Latest News for Topic as event nears.
Zoom login details are sent via email and also posted in our Forum.

Special Interest Group with workshops about Apple apps and hardware.


1:30 – 2:30pm
August 18th


Topic: Check Latest News for Topic as event nears.
Zoom login details are sent via email and also posted in our Forum.

Our popular Q&A session where our panel of experts answer your questions.


1:30 – 2:30pm
August 25th


Members helping members with issues on their Apple devices. Helpers needed!

NOTE: Individual sessions are typically 10-15 minutes so we can help as many as feasible.

RECENT ARTICLES (View all here)

New look for our website

In case you missed it…our website has a new look! It’s pretty much looked the same for the last 3-4 years so it was time for a fresh coat of lipstick. The majority of the functionality and locations of information is the same as before but there are a few changes in addition to just the cosmetic ones.

Recent Apple Updates in mid July

Two weeks ago, in mid July, Apple released updates to all of its operating systems and Safari browser.  On the Mac, this is likely the last update until Big Sur. If you have an older Mac that can't...

Do I really need antivirus for Mac?

Traditionally, the Mac has been regarded as a safe and secure haven compared to other desktop platforms – particularly Windows – and a common line of thinking has been that Apple computers don’t...

TVAUG Tuesdays – Presentation

Our next online meeting via Zoom will be on August 4 at 1:30pm as a Presentation.  Our secretary, Mike Carr, sends out the details with a link to login on the Friday before the upcoming meeting. So...

MLB and iPads in Dugout

Major League Baseball is looking to leverage partnerships with tech companies like Apple to help with its upcoming season during the coronavirus pandemic. For example, MLB is expanding its iPad...

History of Emojis

We use them everyday to say how we’re feeling, what we’re up to, and as extensions of our personality. An emoji can be a convenient addition to a message, or even a primary method of communication....

New TVAUG Forum is HERE – Where are YOU?

Our new help Forum has been up and running smoothly since May 29th and now has about 250 members.  But that is less than a third of our total membership.  Since our in-person Help sessions at...

Are you getting too many emails?

TVAUG usually sends out 2 automated emails each week.  One is from our secretary, Mike Carr, notifying members about upcoming meetings - either in person or via Zoom. The other is our Weekly News...

Are you getting our emails?

If there are new posts in our News section during the previous week, our website automatically sends out a summary of those articles in the TVAUG Weekly News. In addition, our Secretary, Mike Carr,...

Sharing your Screen in Zoom

Mike Carr has sent  an email via MailChimp explaining the Help session details occurring on Tuesday, June 30. If participating, you might be better to just show us what your issue is on your Mac,...



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