If you have technical questions, please use our Support Forum here.

You can also attend one of the club’s Help sessions.  Click here for a list of our meetings.

If you have questions about joining TVAUG, please refer to the Membership page here and our FAQs here..

Tom Winters is now providing in-home 1-on-1 support again.  He is working full-time so his availability is limited to evenings and weekends.  He can be reached at (412) 398-3034 if you would like to check his rates and availability.

These 2 groups also offer in-person support at the Paradise Rec Center:

MUD (Mac User Drop-in)
2nd Wednesday from 9-12:00

AUDI (Apple User Drop-In)
3rd Friday from 9-12

We have an Equipment Donations page for questions about donating your old Apple equipment. We refurbish it and donate it to local charities.

If you have feedback about our site or wish to re-subscribe to our mailing list or forum, you can reach the webmaster here.

Note that email is NOT for technical questions!!  We will reply asking you to send your question to our forum as it will reach hundreds more members.


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