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iPhone 11 vs. iPhone 12: Which should you buy?

While the iPhone 12 is the latest and greatest, Apple is still selling the iPhone 11 as part of its lineup of new iPhones. Furthermore, many existing iPhone 11 users are likely wondering whether the iPhone 12 justifies an upgrade. Read on as we round up all of the...

TVAUG Tuesdays – HELP Session

TVAUG Tuesdays – Help Session

uBreakifix Discount

Keep in mind that we have Apple repair place here in The Villages. One that many members have used is uBreakiFix.  I've had work done to a cracked iPad screen and an iPhone battery replacement. Many of you might remember Jose', the manager.  They are located at 3463...

Is it time to renew my membership?

We have not been meeting in-person at Saddlebrook since March.  So there are probably quite a few members who have not renewed their yearly memberships since they typically would do so by going to the back table before one of our meetings.

Are we sending you too many emails?

TVAUG usually sends out 2 automated emails each week.  One is on Friday evenings notifying members about the upcoming TVAUG TUESDAYS meetings via Zoom. The other is our Weekly News bulletin that summarizes recent posts in our News section here.  If you are not getting...