The Villages Apple User Group, based in The Villages, FL, was founded in 1999. Membership at one point reached nearly 1,000 but has recently hovered between 550-600.  Members’ experience and expertise with Apple computers and devices run the gamut from newbie to guru.

TVAUG offers 2 regular meetings per month – a Presentation and a Help session, both held via Zoom.  When we have enough resources, we have in-person Help sessions at the Saddlebrook Rec Center.  We often have guest presenters and Special Interest Group (SIG) meetings.  Please view our Meetings page for latest info about upcoming meetings.

We also have weekly emails with the latest News, and a private forum for technical questions/help.  Presentations represent a continuous cycle of learning to engage both beginners and veterans.   As members learn, share, and teach each other, that cycle of learning is reinforced.

TVAUG is organized under formal bylaws, run by volunteers, and led by a 5-member Executive Board working closely with an Advisory Board of approximately 20 members.  Click here for a complete listing of our board members.  The key to the club’s success is the member-volunteers who give their time and share their considerable talents at each meeting.

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