Our club’s support Forum is for members of TVAUG to submit questions about problems they are having with their Apple devices. You can post a question, review previous Q&A postings, and filter for selected postings. Our Forum is a feature of TVAUG membership.  You must have an Active (Paid) Membership to be a member of our forum.  Please read our Support Forum FAQs here.  You’ll find lots of helpful information.

The forum is hosted on the platform.  To login to the forum – or any other groups that you are a member of – go to this login link.

ALL current members of TVAUG with active membership subscriptions are added in our forum.  New members will be enrolled within a week or so of their enrollment — when we update our mailing list.

If for some reason you slipped through the cracks and did not get added, or if you previously unsubscribed and want to get back in, please Contact Us here.

As a forum member, you can choose to be notified every time someone posts to the group or just receive a daily or weekly digest of postings. Members who are frequent users strongly suggest choosing the most-frequent notifications AND controlling the message flow by setting a rule in your email so that messages are automatically routed to a folder you establish for the purpose.

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