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TVAUG Tuesdays – Presentation Meeting – AUGUST

Our next online meeting via Zoom will be on Tuesday at 1:30pm as a Presentation.  An email with details and a link to login is sent out on the Friday before the upcoming meeting to active members who are on our MailChimp mailing list.  If you can’t find that email and still want to participate, the login info is also in our Forum on its calendar.

Post expires on Tuesday August 3

How to use the Music app on Apple Watch

The best Apple Watch has a Music app on it. But, it isn't very much like the Music app on your iPhone. You can access music in your iTunes library and playlists, listen to Apple 1 radio, and control playback on your iPhone. It's not meant to be a full Music app. But,...

AirTag used by Boston police to recover stolen bike

The Boston Police were able to recover a man's stolen bicycle by tracking down an AirTag that the owner had cleverly stowed inside the bike's bag. On the night of July 4, Gene Gorter's bike was stolen from outside his home in Boston. The following day, he contacted...

How to schedule your Mac to reboot every night

Having your Mac always available to work is great, but you do need to turn it off once in a while. Here's how to automate the shutdown, startup, and reboot of your MacBook Pro or iMac to keep it in top condition. Many Mac users will be familiar with the fuss of...
SIG Meetings Renamed!

SIG Meetings Renamed!

SAME TIME -- SAME PLACE -- Basically just a new label.  Our TVAUG Tuesdays Special Interest Group (SIG) Meetings have...