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XProtect and built in Mac Protection

Our Macs come with built-in security for malware called X Protect. It isn’t an application but is found in MacOS.Find out how one knows it is doing what it should and if it is current as malware software needs constant updating.

iPad Pro vs MacBook Air Which should you buy?

Apple’s iPad Pro M2 (2022) and MacBook Air M2 (2022) share some of the same specifications, and similar performance, are lightweight, and are priced very closely. But one is a tablet and one is a laptop.

Mac OS steadily gaining ground on Microsoft Windows

Mac OS steadily gaining ground on Microsoft Windows
Apple’s macOS has been steadily gaining ground on Microsoft’s Windows for more than a decade and the stats don’t really tell the full story

5 Reasons to Use Apple’s Mail App on Your Mac

The built-in Mail app in macOS is often underrated, and people resort to third-party email apps, but here we’ll discuss why you should give it a try.

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