TVAUG tries to record as many meeting presentations as possible.  The video recordings are stored in an online service, Vimeo, that is similar to YouTube but gives us a bit more privacy.

Below is a listing of videos from recent meetings.  If there was also an associated PDF with the presentation, a link to it is also given.  Recordings from previous years are in our Presentations -> Archives.

MAC23/09/19Tom Bonanno Bruce Mitchell
But-in Mac Security XProtect
iPhone /Watch23/09/12Bruce Mitchell, Tony Crawford, Susie RossShow and Tell
iPhone23/09/12Tony's PDF on Wallet
MAC23/08/08Dan WassinkSomoma and iOS Beta Demo
MISC23/07/11Tom Bonanno, Bruce MitchellOur Take on the WWDC
MISC23/06/20Bill Edwards, Tom Bonanno, Bruce MitchellArtificial Intelligence 201
MAC23/06/13David CoxTips and Tricks Mac
MISC23/05/09Tony CrawfordApple Reference Guide
MISC23/04/18Bill Edwards, Tom Bonanno, Bruce MitchellSIG on AI and ChatGPT
IPAD23/04/11Dan WassinkFiles and Widgets on iPad
APPS23/03/14Chita HunterPages on Mac
WATCH23/02/14Tony CrawfordApple Watch Basics
MACOS23/01/10Dan WassinkSystem Settings in Ventura
IPAD22/12/06Tom Bonanno Bruce MitchellFeatures in iPadOS16.1
PRODUCTS22/11/01Tony CrawfordApple Buying Guide 2022
MISC22/10/25Bill EdwardsStaying Connected
MACS22/10/04Gary Rosenzweig Ventura Preview N/A
IPHONE/WATCH22/09/06Tom Bonanno, Bruce Mitchell Prepping for iOS16 and Watch OS9
APPS22/08/02Dan WassinkSpark N/A
APPS22/07/05Dale StephanApple Maps
IPHONE22/06/07Tony CrawfordiPhone Camera App
IPAD22/05/03Dan WassinkAccessibility Features on the iPad N/A
APPS22/04/06Tony CrawfordPhotos app on the iPad N/A
WATCH22/03/22Tony Crawford, Bruce MitchellWatch Faces and Health Apps
MACS22/03/01Tom Bonanno, Bruce MitchellPasswords & iCloud Keychain
MACS22/02/01Gary Rosenzweig 20 Ways to Free Up Drive Space on a Mac N/A
MACS22/01/04Dan Wassink10 Mac Productivity Tips N/A


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