TVAUG Weekly News

When you first became a new member, you were added to our mailing list.  Updating our mailing list is a manual process that typically occurs every couple of days.  So if you happened to join right after we did an update, you may not be on our list for a few days.  But, not to worry – the info in the emails is available elsewhere as we’ll mention below.

TVAUG News Details

A typical TVAUG News email includes a few of the most items from our website’s Recent News section along with links to other categories of News items on our website.

Notice the “Please do not reply to this email” message.  This email is automatically sent out by an email account that is not managed.  If you have a technical question, you need to use our Forum as described here.  Your question will then reach out to hundreds of members in our club.  If you reply to a newsletter email, you will only get an automated reply saying to use the Forum for your question.

Unsubscribe Info

Our mailing list software is required by both US and European Spam laws to provide a link to Unsubscribe from its emails in the footer of every email it sends out.  We have a free account with them so their little advertising logo is also one of their requirements.

IMPORTANT: If you Unsubscribe from the automated TVAUG News emails, you are unsubscribing from our master email list.  Therefore you will also stop receiving ALL emails that we send out regarding Meeting Announcements and other club Notices.

If you do so by accident or change your mind and want to start receiving our TVAUG News emails again, just use the Contact Us page to send us an email and we’ll get you back on in just a click!

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