Change Forum Emails Frequency

As a member of our TVAUG Support Forum, you have the ability to control how often you receive its emails. By default when you first join, you will receive a daily Summary of new messages from all members posting questions and replies. Many people like to read about everyone’s problems-:). Just kidding!

However, if you feel that you are getting too many Forum emails or you want to receive emails as soon as each message is posted, you have options – lots of them actually! You can receive every message as soon as it is posted. Or you can opt to receive only the first message in a topic, with the option to follow the topic later. Or you can opt to receive only messages in topics that you start. Finally, you can opt to receive no emails at all.

Forum Email Footer

In the footer of every email you receive from the Forum you’ll see a couple of options that I highlighted in red below. If you are just not interested in this particular topic, you can click on the Mute This Topic link and you’ll stop seeing any more emails from this thread. You will continue to receive all the other Forum messages not related to this topic. This is great for emails that are flying back and forth about some Apple device you don’t own or just some topic in general that you’re not interested in. The other option that I highlighted is the Your Subscription link that changes how you receive ALL the Forum emails – not just the topic that is being discussed in that email. In addition to being able to access Your Subscription options via the footer of every Forum email, you can get to this setting from the Forum website. If you are only using our forum by sending/receiving emails, you are missing out on quite a few of its features. They are covered under the Forum Features sections of our FAQs.

Your Subscription Link

When you click on the Your Subscription link in the footer of a forum email, it will take you to the main Forum login page as shown below. Enter your Email Address and forum Password that you previously setup. If you Forgot your password or don’t have one yet because this is the first time that you’re logging in to the forum via the web, click the link under the Password box and a link will be sent to your email address.

Email Subscription Options

After logging into the Forum website you will see a Subscription menu item on the left. Click it to see the various options you have for receiving emails — including turning them off completely.

Don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the blue SAVE button!

You may be wondering at this point…”Why would someone want to be a member of the forum but not receive emails?” There’s at least a couple of reasons that I can think of: 1) some members are avid participants but prefer going to the website to check up on what’s out there; 2) others prefer to only use the forum for their specific problems and will post a question there and check back later for an answer. But almost all our members prefer to either see every individual email as the questions and responses come in OR they select the Daily Summary that highlights the messages from the previous day. But the point is – you have lots of options without completely Unsubscribing from the Forum. If you do want to completely Unsubscribe that is covered in the FAQ here.

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