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Are you completely new to Zoom? Perhaps you’ve never used it before or are still somewhat uncomfortable with your way around it.  In either case, here is a nice little 6-minute YouTube video to get you started. Cozy Step-by-Step Guide to Using Zoom   Pull up to the fire and get a warm-fuzzy…

Get a FREE eBook

Then for later reference you can download this FREE eBook on Zoom.

Take Control of Zoom Essentials gets you quickly up to speed, including installing a Zoom app or using Zoom in a browser if you haven’t yet done so. It takes you through setup of your hardware, physical space, and Zoom apps, and teaches you to be an effective participant in meetings, including sharing your screen. This short, free book will make you an intermediate Zoom user in hours, without frustration.

You can download the book from here – in either PDF or ePub format then add it to your Books library for later reference.

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