Your Donations at Work – The Villages Charter School

Feb 27, 2021

Ed Muhs, Dr. Randy McDaniel, Bill Holstun

Members of our Donations Team were at The Villages Charter School delivering 7 iMacs yesterday.  They had previously contacted Dr. Randy McDaniel, the director, about the potential of donating computers.  He was very excited at the prospect of the computers.  They have a system for identifying kids that can use some assistance and will use that to distribute the units.

Bill and Sue Holstun along with Ed Muhs were present for the delivery.  Dr. McDaniel  indicated that they have a very large need for this type of donation so these will really help the students.  The Donations Team we will be placing more machines in their care for the kids.  A big thank you to Ed Muhs who has worked really hard to rehab these machines and get them ready.

Keep an eye out for an article in the Daily Sun.  Dr. McDaniel will be posting a news release there to help motivate even more of these types of donations.

Thanks goes out to all our members who have previously donated their old devices.


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