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set up fall detection

How to turn on Apple Watch fall detection in watchOS 8

The Apple Watch Fall Detection feature has been saving lives, but it isn’t automatically switched on for all users. Here’s when you have to turn it on, and how you do it.

health app

How to get the most out of Apple Health on iPhone and Apple Watch

Apple’s Health app features a lot of information and can be overwhelming to the average user. It integrates with other apps to give you an overall summary of your health in one place. When used between iPhone and Apple Watch, it can be a useful tool in maintaining your optimal wellbeing.

How to use Apple Watch blood oxygen sensor, and what it’s good for

The blood oxygen sensor featured in Apple Watch Series 6 and 7 is “not intended for medical use,” Apple says. That seems odd, considering that low blood oxygen is a serious medical condition. If the watch’s monitor is not for medical use, then what exactly is it for?

30 Apple Watch Tips and Tricks You Probably Didn’t Know About

If you own an Apple Watch, we bet you’re unaware of how many cool things it can do. And with each Apple Watch Series that the company unveils, there seem to be more watch tips to keep up with.