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Apple Watch Control Center

How to master the Control Center in watchOS 10

The Control Center on your Apple Watch is a powerful tool for customizing and taking full advantage of its core features. However, it was revamped in watchOS 10 and how you get the most from it has subtly changed.

March 19 SIG Something different

Join us for a SIG workshop at Saddlebrook March 19@ 6:30

3 Things To Look Out For If Your Apple Watch Is Not Charging

While the Apple Watch battery can hold its own against other smartwatches, it can still have problems. Once it stops charging or the red lightning bolt icon shows up, you know that something is up. Read More

How long do Apple Watches Last?

If you buy a brand new Apple Watch, treat it carefully, and are mindful of how you charge it, you could expect it to last up to five years.

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