Is it time to renew my membership?

Oct 10, 2020

We have not been meeting in-person at Saddlebrook since March.  So there are probably quite a few members who have not renewed their yearly memberships since they typically would do so by going to the back table before one of our meetings.

If you are not an active/paid member, you will not receive our Weekly Recent News, our emails with details about up-coming TVAUG Tuesdays meetings via Zoom, and other TVAUG announcements.

You also will not be able to participate in our Support Forum as described here.

You can easily renew on-line if your yearly membership has expired.  Step-by-step instructions with screenshots can be found in the renewal FAQ here.  There is also a brief video there if you would like to check it our first.

Not sure if your membership expired?

Did you know there are 2 places you can check to see when your membership expires and if it is actually time to renew?  There is another FAQ that covers that topic here.

f you run into any problems renewing your membership, just shoot us an email via the Contact Us page here!

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