Does an iPhone Need Antivirus Software

Jan 14, 2021

virusesSmartphones have become integral to our lives, helping us to keep track of appointments, conduct our banking, send and receive emails, take and store photos, listen to music and, oh yeah, talk to people. Many of us would be devastated if anything happened to our phones that could harm or steal that data. That explains why so many mobile apps are now available for virus protection and security. Most of them promise to scan your phone for malware, and then isolate and kill any viruses they find. Many also claim to check for weak or compromised passwords, help you locate your device if it’s lost or stolen, block malicious websites, and more.

Fortunately for Apple iPhone users, most of those apps are unnecessary. While iPhones can get viruses, they’re exceedingly rare. That’s because of the Apple iPhone security protections puts in place .Read more

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