The Best Printers That Won’t Cost You a Fortune in Ink Cartridges

Mar 28, 2021

We can all relate to this with our inkjet printers…. Once upon a time, there was a tech columnist who bought a $150 printer with a model number so long it’s now her bank password.The two lived as happily as a printer and a human could. She pulled jammed paper from its rollers, came to understand its sporadic grunts and fed it $40 color cartridges—even though she really only ever printed black-and-white FedEx labels. Nearly five years later, when the printer was on its last legs, she did the math. She had spent $1,200 on ink—eight times the cost of the printer. There it is, my sad tale of how I lost to one of the greatest rackets of the technology industry: cheap inkjet printers with expensive ink refills… Watch the video

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