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Apple releases most of 2023’s big software updates today—is your device supported?

Apple Watch gets a big overhaul, while most other updates focus on refinements.

Are Apple AirTags actually worth it? We say yes

You’re heading out the door for vacation and then your stomach drops. Where are your keys? They’re not where you left them. You spend an extra 20 minutes searching through the laundry, inspecting every pocket and handbag. When you finally find your keys, you’re late for your flight.

Why you should buy a refurbished Mac

You can get money off a brand-new Mac if you shop through Apple’s Refurbished Store while buying a refurbished Mac can give you peace of mind that it won’t be faulty.

tvOS 16.3 brings these features to Apple TV and HomePod

The software available on the HomePod is a variation of tvOS, this is why the features available for Apple TVs and Apple’s smart speakers are usually combined. That said, here’s everything new.

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