Are you still using Yahoo or AOL email??

Sep 21, 2022

I posted this News item over 2 years ago.  But we had another member in our Help session today who had their email account recently compromised so I am re-posting it and adding these 2 links:
How to Recognize a Hacked Yahoo Email Account
How to Permanently Delete Your Yahoo Email Account

I can not emphasize it enough — DO NOT USE YAHOO and AOL email accounts!!

Are you still using one of the old, insecure legacy eMail providers? I just did a count of how many of our members are still on AOL or Yahoo and was shocked!

We recently heard from one of our members who had her Yahoo email account hacked so I wanted to bring this issue to the forefront. Nowadays we rely so heavily on our email; getting it hacked can present some tedious and time-consuming tasks.

Were you aware that back in 2016, Yahoo revealed that three years earlier, in 2013, the company experienced the biggest data breach in its history with 1 billion – that’s a “B” – of its users’ login information stolen. But in 2017 Yahoo revised that number to 3 billion accounts hacked—basically every Yahoo account. In 2019, Yahoo agreed to a settlement of $117 million for victims of the breach.

AOL had similar data breaches.  Between 2004-2014 they had over 110 million records compromised.

Yes, it is a royal pain to switch to another email provider.

You have to export your Contacts from your current address book and import them into your new email address Contacts list.  Then notify your friends and businesses of the change of address.  I recommend setting up a rule in your old email account to forward emails still coming to that address over to your new one.  You can then see who is still trying to reach you there.  After a couple of weeks to make sure nothing important is still going to your old address, delete that account.

Yes, it’s a bit of work but think about how much of a pain it would be if your email account got hacked.  Now that we are still a bit house-bound, spend a couple hours to switch if you are on AOL or Yahoo.  Why not???


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