How to use Slide Over and Split View on iPad

Using iPad Multitasking can help turn your iPad into a laptop replacement or the ultimate content consumption device — or both — so it’s well worth getting to grips with these features.

using scribble on iPad

What is Apple Scribble and how do you use it?

Apple’s introduced a feature called Scribble with iPadOS 14 when it launched in 2020. The feature enables owners of an Apple Pencil and an iPad to do considerably more than they could before Scribble was released; like handwriting in text boxes for example.

health app

How to get the most out of Apple Health on iPhone and Apple Watch

Apple’s Health app features a lot of information and can be overwhelming to the average user. It integrates with other apps to give you an overall summary of your health in one place. When used between iPhone and Apple Watch, it can be a useful tool in maintaining your optimal wellbeing.

How to Add Widgets to iPad Home Screen

Pad users can spice up their Home Screen by adding widgets, which can display useful information and other data from apps and sources right on the Home Screen of your device. The latest versions of iPadOS allow users to add widgets to anywhere on the iPad Home Screen too, offering an excellent way to customize your Home Screen.