Your Donations at Work – Again!

Feb 1, 2021

John (l) – Bill (r)

Bill and Sue Holstun from TVAUG visited the Samaritan Inn in Leesburg this past week and delivered two iMacs that were donated to our club. They were impressed with the program that serves homeless children and their parents.

John Draxinger, Director, gave them the full tour of the facility and explained their mission which is to provide them a safe environment while working towards becoming self-sufficient.

The Samaritan Inn repurposed an older motel into living quarters for up to 12 families. The facility has a room for computers where job searches and communications are conducted. This is where they will use the two iMACs we provided. They have very old equipment and could use a couple more iMACs.

We think this is a good fit for our donations and will try to add a couple more machines to the computer room. Thanks to Bill’s Holstun’s wife, Sue, for the pics.


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