Your Donations at Work – VA Outpatient Clinic

Feb 19, 2021

Al Gomes, Dennis Storey

Our Donations Team is out there again!

Below is a Thank You note that Bill and Sue from our Donations Team received earlier this month from Dennis Storey of The Villages VA Outpatient Clinic.



Hi Bill and Sue,
Thank you so much for the donation of the Apple Computer to a Veteran. We found a very good home. Al Gomes, who needed a computer to do his on-line VA Doctor Appointments and his group PTSD sessions. His current computer was not powerful enough to do the Zoom calls and he much appreciated the computer!
Thanks again.  It was very generous of your club to think of us! I understand you phoned my wife with another possible computer you may want to donate. If so, please let me know.
Dennis Storey
DAV Department Service Officer
Villages VA Outpatient Clinic

Click here for information about our Equipment Donations Program and how you can help.
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